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There are many reasons to love coffee cake, but the fact that our coffee cake muffins our packed with THC should give you a whole new reason to love coffee cake top that with the fact that you can eat them for breakfast and it’s the edible. Even if we have pancakes, French toast and waffles to choose from in the morning, there’s something really nice about having Topanga Harvest Mini Muffins pressent at the breakfast table too. It just feels right.

Coffee cake isn’t only right for breakfast. It’s invited any time there’s coffee — or even if there’s just a coffee table present. For those of you who think coffee cake isn’t for you just because you don’t want a cup of joe, think again. Coffee cake is right for everyone — even for the tea drinker.

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3 thoughts on “5.15.17 | NEW COFFEE CAKE FLAVOR OUT NOW!!!

  1. I live in Pennsylvania. The medical use for cannabis is presently in legislation to be passed for legal use. I have several medical issues; and was wondering if you would ship to Pa .

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